Question :
How do I get the quickest processing on my film?
Answer :
If you need your film faster than our normal turnaround time, you can: Send it to us via an overnight delivery service, such as FedEx or UPS. Make sure that you use our street address, since overnight delivery services cannot deliver to PO boxes.

Ship to:
Dwayne’s Photo
415 S. 32nd St.
Parsons, KS 67357
Phone 620-421-3940

You can also pay an additional fee to have us send your order back via FedEx or use your FedEx account # to charge your account for shipping charges. Please refer to our order form for shipping costs.

If same day service is required, a rush fee of $20.00 for each roll is charged. This is in addition to the normal processing charge. The maximum rush fee for an order is $100.00, regardless of the number of rolls in the order. Orders with more than ten rolls requesting rush service are still charged only $100.00. The Rush Fees do not include additional services.

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